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TeamOrganize is a membership community that helps you get organized with live accountability sessions, engaging community, and accessible & dedicated support from expert organizing coaches. Every month you’ll get access to join our live video-based organizing accountability sessions for getting things done (being on camera is optional). You’ll also get access to join our live weekly Q&As with one of our coaches so you can ask your questions and gain clarity. You’ll also get access to all replays, and our private Facebook group (which is optional).

First, please make sure you read the pink section on the Enrollment page titled, “Is TeamOrganize a Good Fit For You?” If you’re still unsure and you struggle with being consistent with keeping up the house, finishing organizing projects, implementing organizing books/programs you’ve joined, or you’re constantly needing to “start over” because so much time has passed, TeamOrganize will give you the accountability and structure you need to keep things going and actually see consistent results. If support is a missing piece in your puzzle, you’ll also receive dedicated support from our expert coaches in addition to the non-judgmental and encouraging support of our community.

TeamOrganize is for anyone who has the desire to get organized – beginners included! Often what happens when a person (often a beginner) decides to get organized is they immediately feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done, have trouble making powerful decisions, and as a result, end up procrastinating. By joining you’ll have access to: expert guidance and support, accountability, and a non-judgmental community! If you’re just getting started, the most important thing you need to do is simply show up! Plus, we have a 7-day money back guarantee so you can try TeamOrganize and make sure it’s right for you.

To give you an idea of what our ongoing monthly schedule is like, below is the schedule for sessions in January 2022:

NOTE: When you join today, you’ll instantly have to the last 30 days of on-demand replays and have access to ALL upcoming live sessions for as long as you’re an active member. You can attend as many or as few as you’d like. You’ll have access to the monthly schedule that you can easily import into your digital calendar. Replays of all sessions from the last 30 days are available in your online account for streaming or download.

  • Jan 4 – 10AM – 12PM ET (Tues) – Bring Your Own Tasks (Kacy)
  • Jan 5 – 8PM – 10PM ET (Wed) – Q&A + Breakouts (Fay)
  • Jan 6 – 2PM – 3PM ET (Thur) – Holiday Decoration Removal (Alejandra)
  • Jan 7 – 10AM – 12PM ET (Fri) – Q&A + Breakouts (Melissa)
  • Jan 9 – 2PM – 6PM ET (Sun) – Bring Your Own Tasks (Alejandra)
  • Jan 10 – 9PM – 11PM ET (Mon) – Bring Your Own Tasks (Fay)
  • Jan 11 – 9AM – 11AM ET (Tues) – Q&A + Breakouts (Kacy)
  • Jan 13 – 10AM – 12PM ET (Thur) – Bring Your Own Tasks (Kacy)
  • Jan 14 – 12PM – 1PM ET (Fri) – Speed Decluttering (Alejandra)
  • Jan 18 – 5PM – 6PM ET (Tues) – Digital Declutter (Alejandra)
  • Jan 19 – 2PM – 4PM ET (Wed) – Q&A + Breakouts (Kacy)
  • Jan 20 – 3PM – 4PM ET (Thur) – Physical Photo Storage + Q&A (Adam)
  • Jan 21 – 1PM – 3PM ET (Fri) – Q&A + Breakouts (Alejandra)
  • Jan 22 – 10AM – 2PM ET (Sat) – Bring Your Own Tasks (Alejandra)
  • Jan 24 – 3PM – 4PM ET (Mon) – Office Organization (Alejandra)
  • Jan 25 – 2PM – 4PM ET (Tues) – Q&A + Breakouts (Alejandra)
  • Jan 26 – 8PM – 10PM ET (Wed) – How to Organize Notes + Q&A (Fay)
  • Jan 30 – 2PM – 6PM ET (Sun) – Bring Your Own Tasks (Alejandra)
  • Jan 31 – 3PM – 5PM ET (Mon) – February Planning (Alejandra)

If you decide TeamOrganize isn’t right for you, then you can cancel your membership within 7 days of joining to receive a full refund by sending us an email (help@alejandra.tv). Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the organizing sessions, expert Q&As, replays, printables, or the private Facebook group. After the first seven days, cancelling your membership will stop future renewals. However, your request must be received at least two full business days in advance of your renewal date to allow enough time for processing.

If you want to change the renewal frequency for your TeamOrganize membership, you can upgrade from monthly to semi-annual within 7 days of joining by sending us an email (help@alejandra.tv). After the first 7 days, you can switch your monthly plan to semi-annual at your next renewal date. Semi-annual plans can only be refunded in the first 7 days, and are not eligible to switch to a monthly plan until your next renewal date. 

Each month (once per week), we host themed sessions for laser-focusing on one area in your home. Themed sessions are ~60-min long and are broken down in several 10-15 minute tasks related to the theme. Participating in these tasks is optional in case you rather work on higher priority tasks. Members describe these sessions like “power hours!” Themed sessions include: 

  • Paper Organization
  • Office Organization
  • Personal Organization
  • Closet Organization
  • Drawer Organization
  • Pantry Organization
  • Bedroom Organization
  • Garage Organization
  • Digital Declutter
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Fridge Cleaning
  • Morning Routine
  • Evening Routine
  • Guest Room Organization
  • Holiday Organization
  • Pet Organization
  • Photo Organization

New session themes are added frequently!

Bring any task you need to get done! I won’t be telling you what to do or what to get rid of because I believe you know best! Instead, I’ll offer guidance along the way. Previous participants have worked on sorting stacks of papers, going through boxes of stuff, clearing off the dining room table, decluttering the bedroom/closet, sorting mail, cleaning, laundry, setting up filing systems, etc. Bring any task that you need support for! It’s easier to get things done at scheduled times with others! There are no wrong tasks to work on! Each week we offer a “themed” session in which we work on the same tasks together (e.g., clean the bathroom, fridge clean out, digital clutter, etc.). Doing these tasks are optional in case you’d like to focus on other priorities.

Yes! If you live outside the U.S., you can join TeamOrganize and access all member benefits. 

Yes. Replays of ALL sessions will be posted and made available 48-72 hours after each session ends. Breakout sessions are not recorded. Replays are posted for 30 days.

While we encourage you to be on video (because it’s so inspiring to see all of us working together!), it’s not required. If you prefer to remain private, you can join via audio-only. Some members enable a virtual background. You’ll also have an option to change your name once you join.

No. Once you register, you’ll have access to ALL sessions. However, you can join whichever sessions fit your schedule! You’ll get access to all replays. Likewise, you can join / disconnect as your schedule permits.

It’s totally up to you! You’ll receive anywhere from 24-36 hours of support each month. You can tune in live for the entire session, join late, or watch the replays on your own schedule. There are no rigid rules for attendance!

Yes! Our hope is that TeamOrganize will help you consistently maintain all of your lovely organizing systems! I’ve mastered organizing myself but I know that even the most organized people sometimes have messes. It’s part of being human and happens when there are competing priorities. TeamOrganize makes it fun to get organized together, no matter where you are in your journey!

Here are some tasks you could work on during our “Bring Your Own Organizing Task” sessions:

Sort:  Stacks of mail, piles of papers, art/schoolwork, family photos, piles of clothes, boxes of stuff, letters/cards, miscellaneous piles, items to sell/donate

Declutter:  Dining room table, countertops, banker’s boxes, sheets & towels, garage/attic, digital photos*, digital apps*, email inbox*, storage unit(s), basement, outgrown clothes, books/magazines, notebooks/journals, inherited house(s)

Organize:  File cabinets, craft supplies, office supplies, junk drawers, closets & dressers, cabinets, under beds, toys/kids rooms, computer files*, computer bookmarks*, computer desktop*, computer hard-drives, taxes, memorabilia

Routines:  Laundry, wash dishes, clean bathroom, clean fridge, clean car*, clean purse*, dust/vacuum, meal plan/prep, yardwork, maintenance, plan/prepare*, update to-do lists*

*tasks you can do while traveling

How much is being disorganized costing you in the sense of…

Financially – buying duplicates, expiring foods, storage unit fees, late fees

Physically – tripping over clutter, safety hazards

Mentally – blaming and shaming yourself

Emotionally – stress, guilt, arguments with loved ones, anger / frustration

It costs MORE to live with disorganization.

Even if you’ve tried a million other ways to get organized in the past, what if this time was different and you actually made progress? And is that worth more than the cost of joining?

Time is rarely the “real” problem. It’s a real problem for ~5% of people. For most people, the bigger issue is HOW they spend their time!

How much time are you wasting on a daily basis due to disorganization (searching for items, being inefficient, getting distracted by clutter, getting into arguments about the mess, etc.)?

Getting organized will give you back your precious time each day by being productive and efficient with tasks around the house!

Okay, so failure is inevitable 🙂 You should expect to fail. We all fail at some point. And… organizing is HARD.

While failure is inevitable, your failure is likely in the process you’re following NOT you. To that I will say, keep going and be open to doing things differently while getting qualified support (both of which TeamOrganize will give you!).

It’s also important to remember all the times you’ve overcome failure in your life. Learning to walk, talk, drive, ride a bike, use the bathroom, swim. With all of those, you probably failed before you succeeded! That makes you normal!

It’s possible for you to move beyond failure. Keep going.

From one “overthinker” to another – if you’re afraid of making the “wrong” decision – you need to release the massive pressure and expectation to get it “right” the first time around.

A photographer takes hundreds of photos before they find the “one.”

Likewise, a professional organizer tries many organizing systems before they settle on what works best for them! 

What’s great about making a “wrong” decision (in anything) is that you get certainty on what doesn’t work. In other words, you get data. With that certainty (or data), there is opportunity for growth enabling you to make a more educated decision the next time around.

But who knows, you may actually make the right decision the first time around (which is also growth!). Both paths (right or wrong) offer some kind of growth or certainty!

The only place you don’t grow is being on the fence. The fence offers uncertainty + stagnation. And nobody enjoys the feeling of stagnation 🙂

Whether you decide to join TeamOrganize or not, know that we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee, so you can try TeamOrganize to make sure it’s right for you. If it’s not, then just let us know within 7 days for a full refund (no questions asked). We are happy when you are happy!

No experience is needed.

All of us start at the beginning. To get to the top of the stairs means to take the first step.

Take the first step and the next step will be revealed. Before you know it, you’ll have experience climbing the stairs toward your organizing goals.

As a reminder, when you join, you’ll receive 7 hours of live Q&A sessions (each month) with our expert coaches for asking your specific questions.

If you’re just getting started with organizing, know that you’ll have plenty of support from the team – both coaches and members.

If you want fast results, your best option is to hire a crew to help you. The average cost of this is around $50-$200 / hour per organizer.

The next fastest way to see results is to take action yourself while having expert support, accountability, and a community of like-minded folks to do it with. TeamOrganize is designed just for that! While it’s possible to get quick results, that’s not the point.

What matters more is the lasting change you create. And whether that happens in one day or one month, when you look back 5 years from now, will it matter the speed in which it happened? NO!

If you want lasting lifetime results, TeamOrganize is for you.

It’s easy to delay getting organized when you have no deadline 🙂 However, it’s less stressful to get organized NOW while you don’t have the pressure of a deadline (and you have the luxury of time).

Getting organized last minute during a stressful situation like dealing with a flood, disaster, evacuation, clearing a path for a repair person / 911, or moving, just adds another layer of stress to an already stressful situation.

Someone will inevitably have to declutter every single item from your home. It’s just a matter of time for all of us. The question is who? And do you really want to pass down the burden to this person?

Clearing a house is hard. Clearing a cluttered house is even harder.

TeamOrganize will give you the structure and accountability to easily get started and begin taking action so you can start seeing visible progress. Plus, in all of our sessions, we use a countdown timer to keep us focused so if you “thrive under pressure” you’ll have the thrill of racing against the clock in all of our sessions!

You don’t have to believe me – you can see for yourself 🙂

When you join TeamOrganize, you have 7 days to try it and make sure it’s right for you. If it’s not, then just let us know within 7 days for a full refund – no questions asked.

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Remember, TeamOrganize comes with a 7-Day Happiness Guarantee. Try all TeamOrganize member benefits, join our live sessions, and make sure our community is right for you – or we’ll completely refund your money, no questions asked.

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