Organize & Flow Migration FAQs

Watch the member orientation:

Questions About The Migration:

Yes! If you’ve purchased: SimpLESSity, any of the Specialized Organizing Courses (Paper Clutter Kickstart, How to Let Go When You Can’t Let Go, How to Organize a Small Closet), VIP Access to the 2023 Clutter-Busting Bootcamp, Photo Labels, or Checklists & Calendars, they will ALL be available in the new platform on November 27th AND they will still be available in the old platform.

You’ll receive step-by-step email instructions on how to access these previous purchases in the new platform on November 27th. Don’t worry, it’s super simple to migrate over (less than 5-min). AND… if you run into trouble, we’ll be hosting a Member Orientation on Wednesday November 29th at 1PM ET to walk you through everything and answer your questions live (a replay will be emailed out). We’ll send more information about this Member Orientation soon!

NOTE: If you’ve previously purchased access to the Power Productivity Program (PPP), this program will be added to the new platform in 2024. In the meantime, it is fully accessible on the old platform. 

NOTE: If you currently have access to a Clutter-to-Calm pack. These videos will be added to the new platform, in its own section, in the new year. However, they are still available in the old platform and have also been added to the new Video Vault that will be available to all members on November 27th!

The current platform (found at: for accessing your TeamOrganize benefits (replays, schedules, etc.) will eventually be discontinued. Currently, once you’re logged in, there’s a pink tab called “TeamOrganize” – this tab will no longer be updated after December 12th. 

After December 12th, while you’ll still be able to login to the old platform and click the pink TeamOrganize tab, you’ll see a big message letting you know that we’ve stopped updating this page with step-by-step instructions on how to migrate over to the new platform. Eventually the pink “TeamOrganize” tab will disappear in 2024 (no date yet). 

The new platform will be available on both mobile (iOS and Android) AND desktop. See below FAQs for more details.

NOTE: The old platform will eventually fully close in 2024. Meaning – it won’t be accessible at all. No set date just yet. We will for sure email you well in advance of this happening. In the meantime, you’ll still have FULL access to ALL of your previous PROGRAM / COURSE / PRINTABLE purchases in the old platform. The only pink tab that will no longer be usable after December 12th is TeamOrganize.

If you got really excited and already downloaded the app prior to November 27th, it won’t work just yet! In order for the app to work, you’ll need to click your special unique link that we’ll send you on Monday November 27th. The email will contain everything you need to know to successfully gain access.

The app will be live and ready for you to download on Monday November 27th, 2023! You’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions and everything you need to know! Migrating to the new platform will likely take you 5-minutes or less.

Yes! You must still migrate to the new platform even if you only plan to access your account via a web browser on your desktop and do not plan to download the app to a mobile device.

YES! We’ll be hosting a live member orientation session for those of you who prefer to be walked through how to download, access, and use the new platform! The live orientation session is Wednesday November 29th at 1PM ET.

Here’s the Zoom link: 

NOTE: The above Zoom link is different from the November Zoom link! 

If you haven’t already, please mark your calendar now! A replay will be available, emailed to you, and posted to the top of this page.

We use many different systems. The new platform is just ONE of our systems that handles the delivery of content based upon your access. When we say “migrate your account” – this just means “creating an account” on the new platform (username and password). Everything else will be done for you via the unique links you’ll receive in an email on November 27th, 2023! Again, don’t worry, it’ll be super simple! 

Questions About THE Technology:

An app is a program that runs on a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. Apps make it easy and convenient to access information. Our app is designed and customized to manage our community and all of your member benefits in one easy to use place.

You’ll be able to access the new platform through a web browser (like Chrome, Safari, Firefox) from your desktop/laptop computer AND through mobile apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (phones and tablets).

Yes! If you barely use your phone, a full desktop version will be available and accessible through your computer’s web browser (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). 

Yes! All member benefits will be accessible in both the mobile app AND in the full desktop version!

Yes! All of your previous purchases (that we listed above) will be accessible in both the mobile app AND in the full desktop version!

Yes! The app can be downloaded and accessed on your iPad!

Yes! The app can be downloaded and accessed on your iPhone!

Yes, the app will work on your Android phone. However, it will be in dark-mode only. The developers are working to create a non-dark mode version and we will notify you when it’s available. 

Yes! You can download the app in multiple places and use the same login (iPhone, iPad, etc.). You can also access the app via an internet browser on your desktop computer / laptop.

Questions About My Membership Benefits:

Yes! Your membership benefits will remain the same. Plus, the new platform will enhance your experience with everything in one convenient organized place (accessible in both an app on your phone AND in a web browser on your laptop/desktop computer).

Yes! We will still be sending out email notifications with monthly schedules and monthly schedule reminders. Likewise, we will still be sending out email reminders for EVERY session two hours in advance. Each email will still contain the Zoom link for accessing the session. The only change is that you’ll soon receive these emails from Organize & Flow rather than TeamOrganize!

Yes! Your member benefits are not changing and the replays from the last 60 days will be available to watch on the new platform.

Yes! The new platform has a private, distraction-free discussion board for posting updates, reminders, before/after photos, polls, etc.. Like Facebook, it has reaction buttons, comments, threaded comments, the ability to tag members, and notifications.

Best of all, it’s free from all advertisements and algorithms. Meaning – you won’t have the distraction from ads and your posts will be seen in the feed.

The members area also contains a live chat for real-time check-ins.

Our existing Facebook group will be archived on December 12th which means posting will be turned off but all previous posts will still be available to reference, search through, and view for active members.

Yes! Inside the app there are various ways to communicate with members for coordinating accountability sessions! All of this is documented in the new Community Guidebook within the app. But to give you an idea, there’s a Community Hub for posting (like a discussion board), a live chat for chatting, and an option for private messaging that can be turned off or on. You can also send group messages to up to 8 people for coordinating details for accountability sessions!

Yes! Your membership benefits are not changing. The existing schedule will stay the same.

Yes! Sessions will still be hosted on Zoom. The new app integrates with Zoom making it a seamless experience.

Yes! Your member benefits are not changing. The chat file will still be available with each replay.

Yes. We’ve moved the list of Spotify playlists to the new platform!

We are researching if/how we can add a timer!

Yes! Nothing is changing with the live sessions, session types, schedule, or coaches!

The new Video Vault contains every Power Hour session we’ve ever hosted. We chose to only include Power Hours because the other session types that are not included (Monthly Planning w/ Purpose, Welcome the Week, Filing w/ Friends, Flourishing w/ Fay, Bring Your Own Task, and Clarity & Connection) are repeated each week, month, or year. 

Although some Power Hours may be repeated, we plan to focus on covering new topics and tasks in future Power Hours to offer you a variety of on-demand sessions for whenever inspiration strikes. The sessions in the Video Vault will also complement the live Power Hours that are aligned with our monthly themes. 

For example, if April is our Spring Cleaning month, the Refrigerator Cleaning and Bathroom Cleaning replays in the Video Vault would be available to support your cleaning goals while we offer you newer topics like Window Cleaning during our live sessions that month!

Questions About My Billing:

No! Your membership billing remains the same and there is no additional cost to use the new platform. 

No. If/when you cancel your account, you will lose access to the monthly schedule, Zoom link, replays, the new community hub and video vault. Member benefits are only available for active members in good standing.

Questions About The Rebranding:

Yes! Now that and TeamOrganize have been combined into Organize & Flow, our new website will be launching in December!

Yes! Our social media channels will all change from to Organize & Flow in 2024!